Luis, the owner, and the rest of the mechanics are very knowledgeable and have been in the business for many years. They can fix any car/truck regardless of the year, make or model. They offer reasonable prices and great service! I have been going to Luis for more than 4 years and I refuse to go to other mechanics because of the high quality service this body shop offers. Do not waste your time and money somewhere else. Get it done right the first time.

Diego J.
Santa Clara, CA

Gets the Job done, great shop and great work. very helpful and never over charges.

Jeff C.
San Jose, CA

We found Professional Auto Care because of an alternator that went out when our car was in the body shop for repair from an accident. PAC was well below our regular shop in their estimate for replacement of the alternator- and- came and picked the car up from the body shop! Since then- PAC is our new shop of choice. Their pricing is more than fair, work is done when they say it will be, since we live in Santa Clara- the location is great!

Jerie C.
Santa Clara, CA

Luis is the owner. Whenever I need to change cat. Convert or do muffler work. I always called him. His price is reasonable, but he do a really good job.

Tom T.
Santa Clara, CA

If you need work done come to Luis! He is very professionable and reasonable. He never over prices us and is very efficient with his work. He is the best mechanic I ever had and very down to earth. He takes the time to show you what is wrong with the car and gives you updates. He is a very hard working family man. I have been coming to him for years and never encountered disappointment with his service. Ive had coolant leaks, oil changes, alternators, radiators, brakes, batteries replaced, tune ups etc all done here and never had an issue with the diff family cars we’ve had. He def has our familys trust with our cars. From when I use to have my box chev 1988 to our current cars he works on them all. Thanks for your hard work Luis! We appreciate you! Best mechanic.

G I.
Sunnyvale, CA

I have been doing muffler work with Luis for many years, it is an all purpose shop. Oil changes, custom exhaust systems, just about any type of auto repair, I strongly recommend.

Lorenzo C.
San Jose, CA

Took my 4runner in to help fix my brakes. The rears were grinded down and needed to get this all done quickly. Luis totally took care of me. They got me in and out within the day and the new brakes work perfectly. They definitely know their stuff, plus the team there is really nice and very knowledgeable.

Steven N.
San Jose, CA

I think this shop is good and potentially a rare good find. I rely on them for repairs to my 1992 4Runner such as replacing the head gasket. I have not experienced any problems with their engine maintenance after the service is performed. They know engines! Like any (small & independent) repair shop that is busy, try to have reasonable expectations and exercise patience with scheduling… and then be rewarded with good quality work. Edit: Update 15 months later… Head gasket job still going great! Car runs very well at approximately 240,000 miles on the engine.

Keith U.
San Francisco, CA

Authorized Dealer